Top 5 Bars You’re Not Going to in Tijuana

Whenever we go to Tijuana or Rosarito, Mexico, we seem to always go to the same bars that we always go to. That ends today. We went out to TJ and went to five new bars that looked shabby but turns out are popular amongst the locals. Check out our discoveries.

Tuna ceviche from Consulado.

5. Now Consulado Pub & Grill, is no where to be found on Yelp!, and what I’m finding is that the real good bars/pubs are not found on Yelp! at all. So you will have to do some exploring to find it. The bar is located across the street from Caliente Casino.

Teorema/Ludica from the outside.

4. Teorema/Ludica Co-Tasting Room is considered Tijuanas first dual brewery and tasting room. Now it holds a tasting room in front, in case you want to soak in the sun while you people watch as they shop, or you can sit in the brewery in back.

The entrance to La Mezcalera.

3. If you want to try a different type of bar, check out La Mezcalera. That is right, this place serves mezcal in all their different varieties. You won’t go wrong with a place that serves a double shot for only $50 pesos. This is the place to go.

Partygoers at El Jardín

2. Want to try an upscale bar for a low price? Well at El Jardín Cervezas & Más that is exactly what it is, while the locals dress up to the 9s to come here we are coming for the drinks. Beers and margaritas were on the menu for $25 pesos each, with the current exchange rate that is $1.50

The bar at Bar 20 Mixologia Contemporanea

1.A more contemporary bar is a sight to behold. Overlook the city at Bar 20 Mixologia Contemporanea, with a sight truly different to see. When you finally get here, the drinks will be worth the drive. Enjoy!

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