Tijuana’s Best Street Food

There are years, months or even weeks, when you visit Tijuana so much you start looking for the best places to eat. The best taco. The best elote. The best hot dog.

When the feeling hits, it hits hard. The Culinary Institute of America released this video on YouTube, that followed a local chef and business owner around Tijuana. Fernando Acosta takes the viewer through the old and new parts of TJ, that we don’t usually see when we visit for the weekend. Acosta mentions that TJ has a lot of different flavors coming from all over Mexico, and that this is what makes the food in Tijuana so good.

As Fernando Acosta takes us through the best tasting taquerias, we notice that the restaurants make all their salsas, tortillas, and meat. There could be other reasons why this food is so special, but any observer would see that it is because it handmade.

Acosta takes us to El Rincón Del Oso, an “Old school birrierias… it is just a place to go with your family. Everything gets put in the center where its just a family moment.” As Acosta shows, the feeling that will come from this place isn’t just about having a blast, but being with your family.

At the end you learn about how the new chefs of Tijuana are changing the scene. They may not have the fanciest of places but they know that when they put their money and minds together they can create something new and exciting. The newest park Telefonica Gastro Park, was created in 2014, by younger chefs in the city who wanted to try different things.

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