President Trump Threatens to Close Border with Mexico

President Trump Threatens to close ports of Entry into the USA.
San Ysidro Border Crossing into the USA.

President Donald Trump threatened to close the southern border, or large sections of it, of the United States next week. He will only do this if Mexico does not stop the illegal migrants that are attempting to enter the US illegally.

In later tweets and during appearances he says that a border closing could cause stopping “all trade” between the two countries. This will have huge economical issues in the local border region. As Trump blames Mexico for the large caravans that are coming from Central America.

Trump has claimed “We’ll close it. And we’ll keep it closed for a long time. I’m not playing games. Mexico has to stop it.” While at other press conferences he has claimed “there’s a very good likelihood” that he will close the border next week.

Mexico has been working actively with US Customs and Border Protection to keep asylum seekers away from US soil. While Mexican President López Abrador has said “We are going to help, to collaborate. We want to have a good relationship with the government of the United States.” He continued later “We are not going to argue about these issues.”

The closing of the southern border is not unprecedented. In 1985 the USA with the cooperation of the Mexican government closed nine ports of entry searching for a kidnapped Drug Enforcement Agent.

The Department of Homeland Security told reporters that they will be moving personnel from legal ports to deal with the influx of illegal migrants. This will not close ports immediately, but that is still a possibility. They did say to prepare for higher wait times.

What Does This Mean To Me?

What all this means is that No One Knows If You Will Or Will Not be able to cross the border In or Out of the United States. If you have appointments that you have to keep, you should probably arrange for accommodations, just in case. But if you have friends or family flying in you will be just fine. There have been no reports that state one way or another.

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