Mexican Sailor Kills Fishermen in San Felipe

Man dead in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico, after clash with the military.
San Felipe fisherman dead after clash with military.

On Thursday, March 28th a Mexican Sailor killed a civilian fisherman as an altercation broke out in San Felipe. The Ministry of the Navy was apprehending alleged totoaba traffickers. Through social media a video emerged showing a fisherman being wounded during the clash between the navy and the possible gang.

The video starts by showing the body of the fisherman, as the group was surrounded by the military police. There are calls for an ambulance as shots are heard over head and the military quickly leaves the area. The group of fishermen chase after them back to a marina. The man was wounded and taken to hospital, where he later died of his wounds.

The fishermen here have been protesting a 1975 law that prohibits fishing of totoaba and other fish with swim bladders or – buche, in the Gulf of California region. The Chinese believe the swim bladder is a healing food and a medicine for erectile disfunction.

It is an open secret in San Felipe that a kilo of totoaba goes for $4,000 on the dark market.

Sunshine Rodríguez, the head fisherman of the port, showed multiple videos on social media. These videos showed fishermen outside the local naval base carrying weapons, with anti-riot military opposing them, asking for justice.


San Felipe fisherman clash with military.

Edit: Local sources noted that he was wounded and died in hospital and the article has been changed to express this.

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