Children’s Foundation will Test for Heart Disease

The Fundación de Bebé Cardio will be will be holding their first Congenital Heart Disease Conference, at Tijuana General Hospital. This will be completely free to the public from Thursday, March 28 through Saturday, March 30. With the purpose of detecting and helping treat children with heart issues.

The is to help the public know the signs of congenital heart disease and what to do when they see it in their children. Adrián Sánchez Flores, a pediatric cardiologist, explains that 1 in every 100 children are born with congenital heart disease. Without treatment a third of them will die before their first birthday and another third will die before they reach five.

Sánchez Flores says the exams are quick and easy, and newborn babies are able to attend until they are 15 years old. Even if the children have a second congenital heart disease test, they are able to get a second opinion from the specialists.

The test for Congenital Heart Disease by Fundación de Bebé Cardio will be open to the public for free. It will be held from March 28 through March 30 at Tijuana General Hospital, from 12pm-Close on March 28-29, and from 8:00am on March 30.

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