Children Receive Scholarships From Government

Student receiving award for her scholarship for school.


H. XIIII the City Council that presides over the town of Armida Castro Guzmán gave them an education investment of $1,781,200 Pesos. This money will be given in scholarships which will benefit 2,795 students. Thus helping children from all over the municipality from k-12. According to the January-February bimonthly, Municipal Director of Education, Juan Meza Garcia reports.

Juan Meza Garcia stressed that the mayor, Armida Castro Guzmán, realizes that education is part of the foundation for the development of the municipality, therefore they will help as many families as possible this bimonthly scholarship, while recognizing the work that parents do, for their children.

Councilor Flavio Antonio Olachea Montaño stresses that this scholarship represents a boost to the household economy. The government has chosen to support children and young students, because they are our future. The scholarship allows our children to work on hobbies outside of school, so they will not work in the streets. These scholarships are to ensure that our children study and to keep focus on their tasks.

Flavio Antonio reaffirmed that there is a citizen government that understands the needs and wants of the people. This will continue until the last day of his administration, helping the young students.

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