Benito Molina Gives Us a Tour

Follow world famous chef Benito Molina through the best places of Ensenada.

Benito Molina takes us on a tour of great restaurants in Ensenada, Baja California Mexico. This is where he started a Mexican cooking revolution.

Benito’s restaurant, Manzanilla, is in Ensenada, because it has so many different fish available. Molina takes us to his local fish market, which is right across the street from his restaurant. This is where he is able to get the best ingredients for his food–and also his favorite street food. Because just outside is La Guerrerense, a winner of multiple international prizes.

Molina later takes us Mexico’s first cantina, Hussong’s, which apparently has a replica in Las Vegas. Then it is off to a local brewery called Wendtland, where we had some cold ones. We finally make it back to Manzanilla for some great norteño music and some amazing calamari tacos.

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