5 Best Wineries of Valle de Guadalupe

The road going through Valle de Guadelupe, Baja California, Mexico.

Now everyone knows that the best wines comes France, Italy, Napa Valley and Temecula. But not everyone has heard about Valle de Guadalupe, in Mexico. The wineries in the valley specialize in the fine wine market.

Valle de Guadalupe is about 30 minutes outside of Ensenada, in Baja California. The hills the people use to get to this valley of wine has the best views around, so a lot wineries also offer room and board, if you get too tipsy. This would be the best way to taste some of the world’s best wines at a more than moderate price.

Box of wine overlooking Vino de la Reina

1.You should swing on by Viñedos de la Reina when you get a chance. They just came off of a big international win from France for their 2017 Malbec.

Overlook the grounds at La Cetto winery

2. After you have wine with the queen, swing on by the La Cetto winery. Here you can taste another gold medalist with a Chardonnay Private Reserve 2017.

Enjoy your wine while looking out over the valley from Hilo Negro’s tasting room.

3. After you’ve had your fill, why not have some more wine at Hilo Negro. This company won a tournament in 2014. But I’m sure it is as good as the rest.

Enjoy lunch and a great bottle of wine overlooking the valley at Relieve Vinicola.

4. Come have a glass at Relieve Vinicola, under magnificent sun shades. Enjoy some of the best Merlots, Sauvignon Blanc, and Tempranillo in the valley.

Entrance to Vinicola Adobe Guadalupe.

5. Enjoy the oldest and most visited wineries, Vinicola Adobe Guadalupe, last. They have a great food truck that comes up at noon. It gives their wine a little kick.

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